Hey, I have a question for you

Do you often experience that feeling of despair when you crash on the couch after a hard day of working in the business, only to feel like you must get up and work just as hard the next day to make ends meet?

Perhaps you are constantly busy working in your business, and your days feel over-full. But you can’t shake the feeling that you were meant for MORE, and that surely making money is easier than this. 

Despite your efforts, sales figures aren’t going up. You find yourself wondering, what am I missing here?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

As Seen In…


Perhaps some of the following sounds like you…

  • Your lack of understanding around finances makes it oh so hard to take that next step that deep down you desperately know you need to for your business to reach the next level.
  • You take on work as it comes to you, and you are so grateful to be busy! But when you look at your to do list the work ahead of you doesn’t light you up.
  • You drag your feet completing projects in progress. Having thoughts like: If I finish my to do list, then what if more work doesn’t come? What will I do then?
  • You blame / feel trapped by the economy, your family, your childhood for your financial status and lack of money know how. 
  • You get that rush of excitement when serving your customers, but then checking your bank account you realise all your direct debits have come out. 
  • You start to try to get a budget together buty every time you do you start to panic because it just doesn’t feel like there enough of everything in your life and you DON’T want to give up your daily coffee. Side note – why do all the budgeting books tell you to cut out your daily caffeine? Crazy town! 
    • You can’t possibly see how you can get ahead and thinking about your finances stresses you TF out.

I’ve seen this time and time again. From smart entrepreneurs just like you, who know they can do more to manage, save and invest their money so they can build a long term successful wealthy business of their dreams. 

You are not alone on this journey.

My Higher Money Method will change your money story, for GOOD.

Ya Girl Diana’s got Ya Covered


Here’s what I know to be true:

Making money gets to can feel good!

When it comes to budgeting and business building, it’s not all about the hustle or doom and gloom. 

Learning about money empowers you. Taking action gives you confidence.

Seeing results will get you feeling good about waking up every day to your business!

Most money courses will leave you feeling down about debt and guilty about your daily almond milk mocha latte.

None of that here!

Higher Money is designed to empower you to get back in the driver’s seat with your business money and feel freaking GOOD about it.

Having built my own over half a million dollar business specialising in serving sole traders startups and entrepreneurs, I have recognised there is a specific formula that supports all my clients who are building incredible multi 6,7 and 8 figure businesses. And there is a key thing that they are all doing which involves a combination of money management and mindset. 




This 16 week coaching program will take you on a journey to transform your money stories, change your spending habits, and increase your ability to make serious BANK in your business. 

This is THE solution if you are a startup, entrepreneur, or solopreneur who is wanting to build a multi 6 or 7 figure business, and keep it that way for the long term!

Chances are you’ve read up about how to manage your cash flow and make smart business decisions – maybe you’ve skimmed through a book or attended a business coaching seminar. But never really stuck to it after a few weeks and felt too overwhelmed to look at the big picture.

Mastering your money mindset & creating a feel-good strategy to keep on top of your finances will give you confidence in ways you never expected. 

Plus, once you are back in control of your cash flow and know what step to take next, get ready for your stress levels to drop it like its HOT!

This program will give you the knowledge & self belief to make smart decisions with your business money. Instead of feeling like you are scrambling to soak up every piece of free content posted online, overloaded with all different opinions about what to buy or when is a good time to invest.

We’ll start with addressing your relationship to money and how it makes you feel – OWNING what your heart desires are and knowing you are fully capable of achieving them.

If there was ever a money program that called your name, this is it.

Yes, we’ll be facing up to the things you’ve been avoiding – but with a big helping of showing you what’s possible when you create a plan for your money and stick to it.

Higher Money is your support, guidance and community to get your money back on track, working for you and changing your business for the better (rather than keeping you stuck in the daily hustle and grind!)


Money mindset is the foundational module of this course – because if you start off hatin’ on money, it’ll be difficult to take the next steps. We want to get you into a space of loving money and knowing that when you handle it with care, you’ll attract even more of it with ease. Repeat after me: “I love money and money loves me”!


Awareness – Your perspective and mind act as a filter


Step into Your Power – Those who think they can and cant are both right.


Clear Vision – Thank you for this, or if not that I will receive better.


Create Space – Let go of things that have come up in this process that are not serving you


Starting Position & Daily Operations & Clear Business Vision


How you receive money into your business


How you Invest money into your business


Show Up for your Money


Celebrate the Wins

Having a clear plan for your future isn’t something you sit on.

The time is now – not only will you feel more secure knowing you’re getting this *business* shiz done right, but that even when you’re 75 you’ll be able to shake dat ass in Ibiza without worrying about not having enough dollars in the bank.

But most of all – Higher Money is fun, freeing, fast-moving and designed to get you results that last.

You want to learn about money in a way that’s empowering and helps you get ahead, not leaving you feeling overwhelmed and just as stuck as when you started.

Higher Money is your vehicle to get there.

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Hey! Diana Todd here.

I’m your friendly local tax accountant with a side of sass, smarts, and strong biz acumen with results to match. In just 4 years, I’ve scaled to a half-million dollar business and more than 1,000 clients nationwide!

But more than that, my vision is to empower my clients to feel good about your money & taxes. And show you that what I have built in my own business is completely achievable for you!

I’m also a speaker and educator on business & tax and regularly present in asia-pacific accounting industry events.

I live in Perth, Western Australia with my partner and fuffball Bichon Frise, Oscar!


  • You know you can be smarter with your money but you don’t know how or where to start.

  • You’re working really hard in your business but not seeing your bank balance grow.
  • You’re SO over having fights with your partner about if your business is real or not, and want to be able to contribute to your family.
  • You know math in school didn’t give you real world money skills but that there has got to be a better way than what you’re doing right now (there is, and this is it!)
  •  You want money to be more exciting & rewarding,and for your relationship to shift completely so that you can build a sustainable, thriving, wealthy business.


  • You’re not willing to make changes to your mindset + spending or saving habits.

  • You don’t believe anything will change no matter what you do

  • You’re stuck in a cycle of saying “I can’t do that”
  •  You don’t actually want to have money flowing through every area of your business

The Investment

$2500 up front 

Or 6 fortnightly payments x $429


This program is one that will shift your money beliefs + habits in a HUGE way, I have zero doubt about that.

However, we want you to feel completely safe in your investment, so we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

To redeem the guarantee, you are required to complete the first two modules (demonstrated through completion of the first two workbooks), and identify why this course is not for you before being granted any refund.


What if I don’t want to share my financial situation with others in the program?

That’s totally ine! The course is able to be completed without joining the optional Facebook Group. However – we think this is one big reason so many of us feel uncomfortable about finances. Once you join the group, you’ll see that you aren’t alone. You also have the option to join the group and watch without sharing any personal info. We’ll support you any way you choose to go!

Will you be opening this course again?

Maybe! If so, we will only launch once or twice per year, and getting your money sorted is always a good move. We don’t have the next launch in the calendar yet so if you’re interested then we would recommend committing now – we’d love to have you join this round!

Can my partner also join and do the course with me? Absolutely! You’re welcome to have your partner watch the training and complete the work with you. As participants, we expect you to share information about your finances as a household rather than individually.

Can I access the content after the end of the live program if I miss some lessons?

Definitely! You have lifetime access to the course content, so you can catch up or review at any point.

What kind of results can I expect after taking this program?

ONE MILLION DOLLASSS! Just jokes. But seriously – this program is all about confidence and empowerment. Yes, we’re going to show you how to save more and better optimise your finances – but it’s also about feeling good when looking at your money situation and knowing how to best use your money to help you grow.

Are you just going to tell me not to eat out, not buy anything nice and basically budget my a$$ off in this program?

Heck nooo! While we’re all about balance (LOL), we also believe that money is to be enjoyed. If you’re scrimping in every single way then no wonder you fall off the budgeting bandwagon. Nuh-uh. We’re here to help you manage your money in a fun yet sustainable way.


If I join now, will I be able to re-do the program the next time you run it?

Yes! We would love to see you again in the next round to see how far you’ve come! We know there’s always more to learn and more progress to make, and with lifetime access to the program you can watch the trainings again anytime.

Final Call to Action

This program is one that will shift your money beliefs + habits in a HUGE way, I have zero doubt about that.

You know you’re here to create an amazing business – which you’re doing, but also that it gets to support you to generate more wealth over the long term. What you learn in this program will completely redefine your relationship to money for the rest of your life.

I’m beyond excited to help you start feeling good about money and how you can use it to make a positive change in your life and the lives of those around you.

It’s time to step into Higher Money!