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We just want to pat you on the back for taking a step towards getting your tax under control this year.

Knowing your obligations and understanding the changes that GST-rego makes for your business meant a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders, amirite?!

But hey – while you’re here…

We saw that many of our clients were submitting their BAS via Xero – and we wanted to help walk you through the process with a straightforward, step by step PDF so you can get it done in a Balance Tax minute!

Get Your BAS Done Right in Xero

Whether you’re someone who’s been using Xero in the past or not, there’s a huge amount of benefits to using it for your BAS.

Our biggest goal in business is to make YOUR life simpler – and we know finances and tax is one of the biggest areas that our clients get stuck on – which is why they come to us in the first place!

Doing your BAS in Xero can be easy as sweet
cherry pie – and we can show you how!

Who Are We?


Balance Tax Accountants is not just the one-off place you go to every tax-time, no no no! We are quite unique in our services. We are an online paper-less (YES – you read that correctly, an accountant firm that’s paperless?!), accounting service based in Perth, WA. Our clients are located all around Australia, and our clientele grows by the day!

Being purely online means we can deliver the best, most convenience service to our clients by saving everyone’s time communicating through phone calls, video calls, emails, and social media messages – no more meeting in a stuffy office space! 

“Diana really helped me clarify the things I need to do and get on top of. I feel knowledgeable and clear now.” - Jason, Consultant

"Fun, professional, savvy, passionate and personal - Diana’s your girl!" - Laura, Virtual Assistant

"Diana really helped me to understand what I needed to do accounting wise with my small business." - Anya, Copywriter

“Diana was amazing, she helped me so much to make tax easy and understandable” - Taryn, Business Coach

“Tax and Accounting for my business was daunting but Diana made me realise its just all about being organised!” - Carmen, Dessert Maker

“Diana made a not-so-fun subject easy to understand!” - Clare, Event Planner

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