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Everyone thinks you’ve gotta hustle if you want to build a profitable & sustainable business, but I’m here to tell you there is an easier way!

Wealth starts in the mind, and I am spilling the money-making mindset secrets that I’ve seen 7-figure business owners embody in my work as a small business tax accountant over the last decade.

“Diana has helped me to have a greater understanding and a better relationship with money, and for that, I am forever grateful to her!”

“She has been incredibly helpful and life changing for me and my business when it comes to both money mindset and money systems and structures.  She is the first person to have made all things money-simple. Before I met her, I felt overwhelmed with all of the things I needed to do and wasn’t sure how to make certain decisions when it came to finances and tax within my business.”


Sofia Bernardi


POV: Another Monday has arrived. You set your week up for success by pressing PLAY on the latest Money Monday audio drop. The next 15 minutes invested in YOU supports you in creating more wealth, blasting money blocks, and reframing your Money Fears into Fortunes.

Transform your relationship with money from anxiety to empowerment in 15 minutes a week!

▪️ Stop Under Charging – it’s blocking more money from flowing to your business.

▪️ Get Cash Flow Confident and look at your business numbers beyond tax time and grow your profit.

▪️ Pay Yourself Consistently – I’m talking BIG DOLLARS like a CEO should be paid!

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Limiting beliefs have zero chance of survival with your weekly dose of Diana in your Money Monday playlist.

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Hi, I’m Diana Todd.

Award-winning Tax Accountant and founder of Balance Tax Accountants, and I am here to help you build a profitable and sustainable business, and let go of money overwhelm FOR GOOD.

I am here to show you that more money in your business and in your hands is a GOOD thing! Cash flow brings the freedom and ability for you to create more impact and share the wealth in your family and community.

“I really want to like screen record your voice messages when you say those really lovely things and have it as my morning affirmation . . .”

“. . . because your voice is so calming and soothing. I love it so much!”




Money Monday delivers the perfect mix of money inspo and rock solid strategies 7-figure business owners embody, that YOU can replicate to support you in living your wealthiest life.

Mute the scarcity mindset holding you back from making bank in your business.

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